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Cover Art & Design Availability: Commissions Closed

What I do:
Digital painting and illustration, watercolors, photo-manipulation. I work in several different styles across a few genres: science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, some historical. See examples below. Contact me with questions:

Here's what I deliver:
● Concept sketch with ideas and notes
● Titles: three or four variations of the titles and cover design with the final art
● Cover Art with titles in layered PSD (6x9 or specified size @ 300dpi)
● Cover Art no titles in PSD--just the art
● Cover flattened PNG
● Cover flattened JPG(ebook cover)
● Titles and Author name only in PSD

Here are the license terms for all commissioned work I create:
You get to use the art and design for ebook and print edition covers, book interior illustration, as well as book promotional use—and this is in perpetuity for all editions of the book, including a series in which this book is a part. You don’t need to come back to me five years from now for additional licensing because you’ve decided to release a new edition, or you want to use the art to kick off a promotion for the seventh book in the series. Go for it!

ATTRIBUTION: I do require attribution—so put "Cover Art by Chris Howard" or something like that in the book's front material, copyright page, or similar. If it is convenient or appropriate, you can also put a link to my web site,

RIGHTS AND COVERAGE: This is a non-exclusive license, but I won’t use the art for any other fiction book cover. Typically I will post the art in my online portfolio, and I may have prints made for art shows, conventions, portfolios, and other promotional works. Just so we're clear: this is not a work-for-hire agreement, and all rights not expressly granted above are retained by the artist, Chris Howard, including any electronic rights or usage, and including, but not limited to, all rights to sketches, comps or other preliminary materials.

RESTRICTIONS: The art I create for you can only be used for ebook and print book covers, book interior illustration, and book publicity. Any use additional to that expressly granted in this agreement requires arrangement for payment of a separate fee, and I have the right to approve or reject any use not expressly granted in this agreement.

PRICING: Commissioned front covers run $400 - $800 USD depending on the complexity of the composition. Full covers (Trade Paper and Hardcover - front, spine, back, flaps) start at $500 USD. I prefer PayPal for payments.

Here’s how the process normally goes...
Email me at with a high-level request, which should include the following:

1. The kind of cover you’re interested in (full cover art, or front cover only)
2. Type of job: art only, or art with cover layout and title design
3. If you have a particular style mind, like realistic, conceptual, painterly, abstract.
4. Genre and very brief description, concept, pitch. Keep this short. We'll get into details later.

That’s it for the first step. After that we’ll talk pricing and scheduling—what your deadlines look like and mine look like, and where we can fit this work in.

Take a look below, to see the different styles of cover art I paint. I also post art, as well as info about my availability on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook--friend me! Some more art here: My Portfolio, Seaborn Scroll

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