Dragons of Stormwreck Isle

October 7, 2022

I'm preparing to run Dragons of Stormwreck Isle (DOSI), annotating maps, taking notes, and creating some NPC portraits, including Elder Runara in human form and Tarak, former member of the notorious Gilded Gallows thieve's guild who has apparently turned his back on his past, and instead turned his attention and intellect to gardening. Characters with a criminal background along the sword coast might recognize the I'll Tie My Own Knot / Gilded Gallows noose tattoo.

Spelljammer ship's navigator

August 13, 2022

Here's what the Spelljammer ship's navigator sees when she plots the course for home—or the next adventure because there's probably going to be trouble along the way. Really inspired after watching @ThatBronzeGirl and @enthusiamy walk through Spelljammer ship combat. https://youtu.be/1b15zaC6Nss 

NPCs & Villains

July 25, 2022

I've been spending more time drawing and painting over the last few weeks, mostly working on an NPC (non-player character) portraits and scenes for a little D&D project. I've also drawn a few with a sketchier vibe, with a dash of surreal thrown in. 

Another concept for my NPC art project, and of course when this guy walks into your tavern at the edge of town on a Sunday evening, your third question might be "What'll you have?" but your first and second questions are definitely going to be "is that a femur, a thigh bone--from what? Where the hell did you get that?"

And the Marsh Guide / Hunter. You might want him around when you're venturing into the swamps and lowlands, even if it's just for a red-fly infestation ointment recipe and battle tactics against mud-tusks. About 4 hours in ArtRage and PSCC2022.

Trust the Rogue

July 23, 2022

A little steel, a few vials of flammables, a pocketful of poison, and some arcane trickery. The rogue knows what she's doing.

I'm painting some NPC portraits for a side project

July 12, 2022

And one of them happens to be a wizard who has a familiar. One more reason to get into Dungeons & Dragons. Come on, you know you want a friendly pseudodragon in your game. 

Meet Karl, an angry NPC you can drop into your 5e game

April 20, 2022

I've been working on a group of fun, angry, strange, unhinged, and deceptively kind NPCs, each with their own full-sized portrait. The idea is that sometimes you want an NPC that's a bit off or weird or antagonistic. Here's one—right-click to view the image in a new tab, and then DOWNLOAD the PDF.

The theme with Karl is the curse of the sea—a long and violent relationship with storms and eternal tides, torn sails and frayed rigging, broken bones and the nightmare voices of the drowned dead. He's an old sailor with a bit of power who's been betrayed by everyone he counted dear. And he probably doesn't like the way you're looking at him...


Just a creative human with a pen and a paint brush. More here: https://www.saltwaterwitch.com