I'm an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer in coastal New Hampshire, working in narrowband and RGB color, focusing mostly on deep space objects—nebulae and galaxies, with some intermittent planetary and solar photography (because our sun's the nearest star and the planets and our moon are simply beautiful). I post finished and processing-in-progress shots, my equipment setup information (pics of my scopes and lenses, imaging train layouts with focal distances, focus wheel filter order, lens and scope backfocus, etc.), and I'm always building and devising better ways to automate and remotely operate my gear. I'll post this stuff under the Astro Automation category. Unless specified, everything you see in my Journal is from my equipment in my backyard, which is about a 4 on the Bortle Scale (SQM: 20.62 mag/arcsec)—on a clear night I can still see M33. We live in a town with very few street lights, and the sky glow we get is usually low on the horizon, Hampton to the south, and Portsmouth to the north. Email me here: chrishoward.author@gmail.com or see the links below to my other sites. And here for my 2015 - 2016 Astro Journal Posts: https://SaltwaterWitch.com/astronomy

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