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Want to read a story about oceans, colonizing other worlds, friendship, and how time and memory are part of the fabric of the universe? Oh, good. Here’s my short story “Tear Apart Worlds”, first published in Pen-Ultimate: A Speculative Fiction Anthology, Edited by LJ Cohen  and Talib S. Hussain.

Tear Apart Worlds – PDF
Tear Apart Worlds – EPUB
Tear Apart Worlds – MOBI


Seeds of a story

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I studied philosophy in school–focusing on Aristotelian philosophy. I used to collect Aristotle’s works–and everything related to Aristotle. That’s biographies, commentaries, translations, just about anything on, about, or by Aristotle.  My Aristotle library is somewhere between 200 and 300 books, in half a dozen languages–mostly English, Greek, Latin, but a handful in Arabic, German,  some of them old, six or seven from the 1500s, including the beautifully typeset Sylburg edition of Aristotle’s Historia Animalium.

One line in HA started me down the path that eventually led to the story that became my novel, Salvage (Masque/Prime Books). But before we get to the English translation of the line, I want you to see the beauty in the type in this and all of the Greek editions Friedrich Sylburg did for the publisher, Johann Wechel. The highlighting in the image is the specific passage that got me started on Salvage, but on to that in a bit. Just look at the type on this page printed in Frankfurt in the late 1500s. It doesn’t matter if you can read this or not, you can see the artistry, the elegance, the power of language–and of course, this goes for just about any language.



You can see that the last word in the highlighted section is “polemioi”, from which the English word polemic is derived.  My favorite English translation of this passage is:

“Among the fishes some form shoals with each other and are friends, while those that do not shoal are at war.”

Everything that happens in Salvage started with me thinking about this line and wondering what happens when the shoaling fish–the “friends”–become the predators?
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Scale armor shirt…

This is just so cool. Kassandra would buy this in a second.


Sketching for Saltwater Witch 16

Spent some time sketching in Art Rage on the iPad, character studies for the House Rexenor soldiers that are going to start gathering now that Kassanda’s on the scene. These are for Saltwater Witch chapter 16 and 17.



Mermaids with crowns

Not just Starbucks… Kassandra from Saltwater Witch, Seaborn, Sea Throne…with her buddy, Ephoros–he’s the guy with the sharp teeth. Spent a long time on this one, working in a lot of detail, about eight hours in CS6 and AR4. I’m probably going to use this for the intro page to the Saltwater Witch Comic 16. This is also a good one for those of you who want to know what the Wreath really looks like (her crown).

Saltwater Witch 15 New Pages!

Got up early this morning to finish and post the finals for another two pages for chapter 15 of the Saltwater Witch Comic.  This set has the first look at Kassandra’s mother, Ampharete (pronounced Am-FAIR-eh-tay) holding Kassandra as a baby, along with the first appearance of Ampharete’s bodyguard, Zypheria. I did most of the line work for these in AR4, the rest in CS6.

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out a way to convey the power of the Wreath–this power that’s inside Kassandra–in a visual way. In the books it’s really an internal feeling, sort of an awful power welling up and taking over, but with a comic I have to solve this with something the reader can see. The result: Kassandra gets hideous for a few moments.

The comic and everything else is here:



Nikasia from Sea Throne

Painted the character Nikasia from Sea Throne. She’s mentioned in Seaborn, but she’s a main character in Sea Throne. Nikasia is one of the Kirkelatides–one of the descendants of Circe. Very dangerous. About 5 hours in CS6 and Art Rage.

Saltwater Witch:


Salvage is out from Masque Books!

Salvage—the first book in a new Seaborn series—is a fantasy/thriller with lots of cool shipboard stuff, bad guys with guns, commercial diving, weird things happening in the deep, and one seriously badass toymaker.

Get it now from, Barnes & Noble, Wizard’s Tower Books (UK), and more!

Here’s the back cover copy:

Salvage specialist Captain Jayson Wilraven finds his life and the lives of his crew in peril when a strange charterer wants a mysterious sunken vessel hidden, not raised—and sends armed mercenaries to make sure his orders are followed. Meanwhile, Jon Andreden’s trial of an underwater smart machine is disrupted by a weird organic submersible. His life is soon turned dangerously upside down when he meets its creator, the beautiful Laeina, who recruits him to help find her missing sister. The parallel adventures lead to an underworld of people who live in the sea—the seaborn—as well as secret naval projects, a ship-sinking monster, and the first rumblings of a war of immortals over control of human civilization.

Some art for Salvage, probably the comic

“Mermaids Discuss the Complexities of Global Shipping”

There are millions of shipping containers on vessels on the sea at any given moment, and for various reasons some of these are lost at sea en route, reported missing, and written off. Someone finds them…


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