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Seaborn Books Timeline

Several readers have asked for details on how the “seaborn books” are connected, and in what ways. Most of the books and stories I have written over the last ten years are tied together in one timeline, sharing characters, a couple of them extending over a generation. A few clearly share the same setting–our near-future world, with seaborn characters, but without Kassandra making much of an appearance–or not at all (Salvage).

You may have noticed that there’s a genre mix, from what would neatly fall into fantasy, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, etc. to stories that could legitimately be categorized as science fiction or tech-thriller (Nanowhere, Salvage), to stories that may not clearly fall into any bucket (Winterdim). Futuristic fantasy?

You may have noticed that most of these stories take place in the future. That’s on purpose. You could also look at the stories in this timeline and see the advance of technology from one to the next–especially when you get twenty or ninety years into the future, from Nanowhere to Teller and finally to Winterdim. I am a software engineer and technologist, so I am always interested in the progress of technology, where it will lead us, and where it will be applied in the fields of health, culture, military, and–very important to me–in or on the ocean, in support of preserving ocean wildlife as well as how we will continue to provide enough seafood for the world’s every growing market for it.

Want to print out the timeline, or get a closer look?

Let me know if you see typos, problems with the order or dates. I threw this together quickly, a lot of of it coming out of long email discussions with Georg (, Lorena (, and others. Also, I mention characters, plot direction for future books, and other details that you may consider spoilers, so read some of the longer blocks of fine print at your own risk!


Fourteen foot tall book covers…

I have been painting like a demon the past few days and although I’m still doing some detail work, I think it’s ready to be posted. First off, the format is a bit ridiculous…or maybe it’s ridiculously cool.  It’s certainly been a fun one to paint.  The actual size in pixels is about 2200 wide by well over 51,000 long.  (That works out to about 7.5 inches wide by over 170 inches tall)

I’m going to leave the purpose for doing this weird-sized illustration unclear, but if you want to you can think of it as a book cover that’s 9 inches wide and fourteen feet tall.  Or maybe it’s a scroll.  Or a fan-fold insert for a book…  How’s that?  Okay, I will fill things in a little more: I’m working on a publishing project that will go live this summer and involves and possibly some partners.  I’ll leave it at that for now because there is still a lot of planning to do.

The concept is one continuous illustration going from seagulls skimming the surface of a stormy sea to (~51,000 pixels later) the floor of a fairly deep and dark part of the ocean.  In terms of ocean depth it’s about 6000 meters from surface to floor with some of the cool things you’ll find along the way.

Here are a few highlights (below), but it’s a big damn illo and you really should scroll through the whole thing:

Finally, I want to call attention to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute ( which operates the DSV Alvin, and my favorite aquarium on the planet, Monterey Bay Aquarium ( which has captivated and inspired me for decades.

I also posted this for IllustrationFriday: Heights.

Let me know what you think!





Seaborn Battle

I spent another four or five hours last night finishing up this one.  I'm still doing a bit of detail work, but this is pretty much done.

Click on the pic for the full view!

Cephalopod Awareness Day, it’s right around the corner

Wait, there aren't any corners in a Cephalopod's world, right?  Cephalopod Awareness Day is on the 8th of October, of course.  Here's my contribution–take and post at will. 

Sigh…I remember my first Cephalopod Awareness Day like it was yesterday… Actually it was only a few years ago–2007. I think I heard about it first on Pharyngula.



Favorite Monsters

Do you have favorite characters who are monsters?  One of my most likable characters is Ephoros from Saltwater Witch.  I don't want to give anything away but I will say that I get more readers asking me about Ephoros than almost any other character.

I'm slowly making my way through the panels and art for Saltwater Witch chapter 2, redrawing and re-lettering everything.  It's going to be good.  If you haven't seen chapter 1 yet, here it is:

And here's Ephoros:


[illustration] Friday Wallpaper

This week's Illustration Friday topic is "shadows". I painted this one of a pensive Kassandra from my book Seaborn for the background of my web site, but it makes a great background for any desktop. I've cropped it and reduced it to a variety of standard resolutions for a variety of devices.

Pick yours, download it, and set it as your wallerpaper!

Links below the image to sizes.





768×1024 (Portrait – iPad/tablet)

320×480 (Portrait – Phone)

Here's the 320×480 image:


“Between Two Worlds”

Charcoal, watercolor pencils and watercolors on Birch plywood, 13 x 24 in.


Detail crop: