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Seaborn Books Timeline

Several readers have asked for details on how the “seaborn books” are connected, and in what ways. Most of the books and stories I have written over the last ten years are tied together in one timeline, sharing characters, a couple of them extending over a generation. A few clearly share the same setting–our near-future world, with seaborn characters, but without Kassandra making much of an appearance–or not at all (Salvage).

You may have noticed that there’s a genre mix, from what would neatly fall into fantasy, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, etc. to stories that could legitimately be categorized as science fiction or tech-thriller (Nanowhere, Salvage), to stories that may not clearly fall into any bucket (Winterdim). Futuristic fantasy?

You may have noticed that most of these stories take place in the future. That’s on purpose. You could also look at the stories in this timeline and see the advance of technology from one to the next–especially when you get twenty or ninety years into the future, from Nanowhere to Teller and finally to Winterdim. I am a software engineer and technologist, so I am always interested in the progress of technology, where it will lead us, and where it will be applied in the fields of health, culture, military, and–very important to me–in or on the ocean, in support of preserving ocean wildlife as well as how we will continue to provide enough seafood for the world’s every growing market for it.

Want to print out the timeline, or get a closer look?

Let me know if you see typos, problems with the order or dates. I threw this together quickly, a lot of of it coming out of long email discussions with Georg (, Lorena (, and others. Also, I mention characters, plot direction for future books, and other details that you may consider spoilers, so read some of the longer blocks of fine print at your own risk!


Saltwater Witch Comic Chapter 15 Lead

“Family get togethers can be so confrontational” – I usually paint something a bit more colorful or a scene with more depth and detail for the lead piece of each chapter. Here’s what I’m working on for the next chapter, fifteen.  This is Kassandra and her favorite king of sea demons, Ephoros, confronting the House Rexenor gate guards.  About seven hours in Art Rage, some CS6.  A lot of palette knife work in this one.



Comic panels

Something I've been thinking about for a while. This is a scene (or set of them) from the book I'm currently working on. I've been doing some scripting and panel sketches along with the writing, with the intention of completing a comic edition along with the prose.

Chloe and friends are making cookies for a school dance tomorrow night–they're making cookies tonight–and a lot of noise, and I've just been sitting in the dining room drawing these panels in Art Rage on the iPad.



The Wreath of Poseidon

This will be available soon! The Wreath of Poseidon is basically Saltwater Witch remixed by my daughter Chloe and I.  This version of the story is in 3rd person (Saltwater Witch is in 1st), and this version is a bit longer, contains more story, including some scenes cut from the original. We went back to the original 3rd person story I wrote in 2003 with some help from a nine-year-old Chloe (She's seventeen now).        

Seaborn Battle

I spent another four or five hours last night finishing up this one.  I'm still doing a bit of detail work, but this is pretty much done.

Click on the pic for the full view!

What I’m working on…

Here's a painting I'm working on, a really big complex thing with a bunch of figures–seaborn and orcas–engaged in underwater combat.  Still a ways to go, but here's a detail and a much reduced version of where things stand at the moment. So far about twenty hours of work, mostly in Sketchbook Pro and Art Rage, but I've also incorporated sketches from Brushes and Sketchbook on my iPad.  I'm about halfway done.  So much detail in this one.




Tomorrow’s Navy

Spent a few hours painting today, and this is what I did:


iPhone app for Seaborn

SeaborniPhoneAppMenu Finally. It's months late but I submitted it to iTunes Sunday night, and expect to see it in the app store soon—within the next couple weeks. I'll keep you posted. 

This is pretty much a straight port of the Seaborn iPad app to iPhone.  The main difference is the "Art Portfolio", which points to my online portfolio. (One collection to maintain and it's always up to date).

I was halfway through development of a Seaborn "universal app" which covers iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, but dropped that path a couple months back and moved to two separate apps because there are different features and presentation methods–some of them significant–I will be adding for each platform.  (e.g., I may move the iPhone version to the Cocos2D framework and include games and other cool things).

Seaborn iPad app

Mermaid drawing tutorial

I spent a few hours putting together a step by step guide to drawing mermaids. I did this for the Mermaids Group on deviantArt. Mermaids have become more popular than ever–there's even a "World Mermaid Awards" con in Las Vegas next month.

I did all the art on the iPad in the Brushes app, using the Pogo stylus. One of the cool features of Brushes is the ability to generate a video of every pen and brush stroke, so you can show off any painting from beginning to end.  I posted the video on Youtube here.

Here's the finished piece (warning: breasts)


Here's the video generated by the Brushes app:

Here's the Step-by-Step tutorial–click for the full view (very long)




Saltwater Witch graphic novel is a Go

Again. After serveral months on "holiday", Kassandra is back–or will soon be back. I'm certainly back, working on new art, repainting a dozen pages over the last four days.  Some things are going to change, like how often I post new pages. It's just not going to be every week. For a few reasons, the main ones being time and quality.  I tried to race against the weekly deadlines and failed. It became all about the shortcuts, how to draw, paint faster, use whatever tools I thought could help me get Saltwater Witch pages out faster, and I think the art suffered for it. So, it's going to go slower, but I am hoping you see much higher quality.  Those of you have already seen my pre-holiday updates to the first ten pages or so, won't be seeing entirely new pages at first–although I repainted faces, clothing, and backgrounds in some.

Here's the current cover art–front and back, reusing existing cover themes. Still working on it, but what do you think? Click for the full view.