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Want to read a story about oceans, colonizing other worlds, friendship, and how time and memory are part of the fabric of the universe? Oh, good. Here’s my short story “Tear Apart Worlds”, first published in Pen-Ultimate: A Speculative Fiction Anthology, Edited by LJ Cohen  and Talib S. Hussain.

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Sign up. It’s free. Win a signed copy of Nanowhere with the new trade paperback cover. Nanowhere… it’s a love story with all the usual elements: rogue soldiers, magic, computer hacking, tyranny, cryptography, hit-men with an affinity for rolled adhesives, rebellious skateboarders, and sentient billion-node self-organizing nanotech ghosts. Nanowhere is a stand-alone part of the Seaborn series.

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Yes, there will be a new Nanowhere, and it will…

…have illustrations.  Here's a peek at some of them!  Some of these are re-works of my original character sketches while writing Nanowhere. Check out the ebook edition at Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and elsewhere, complete with some of Jon Andreden's research papers on building an artificial intelligence, teleology, and other fun stuff.







Nanowhere covers

This is the cover for the upcoming mass-market paperback edition of Nanowhere.  Forgot to post this last week.  Some minor tweaking to go, but it's pretty much this:


Nanowhere with a Creative Commons License

I originally released Nanowhere under a Creative Commons license in the spring of 2006, and it was on the Lykeion Books site, downloadable and sharable for several years. Cory Doctorow was nice enough to blog about it on BoingBoing, and things really took off. I stopped keeping track after 10,000 downloads.  I pulled the book in 2009, intending to do a quick edit and rewrite, which I didn't end up finishing until the middle of last year.  Anyway, it's done and back up under an updated CC license–basically the latest version of the CC 2.5 license with which I released the first edition of Nanowhere.  If you're interested in reading it on your Kindle, nook, iPad, Fire, Reader, etc., it's also available for .99c at Amazon, B&N, and other places–see links below.  I have two official formats, ePub and Mobi.  If you convert it to something else, please let me know, and I'll post it!

This edition of Nanowhere, including the cover art and illustrations, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike license, which means you can share it, remix it (for example, you can reformat it or translate it), and you can share the works you make from this one, but you cannot make money from the things you do with Nanowhere, and everything you derive from it has to be sharable and usable in a non-commercial way that observes everything that’s allowed or not allowed under this license.

If you're new to Nanowhere, see the description below.

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Nanowhere… it's a love story with all the usual elements: rogue soldiers, computer hacking, tyranny, cryptography, hit-men with an affinity for rolled adhesives, rebellious skateboarders, and sentient billion-node self-organizing nanotech ghosts.

Here's a clip of Cory Doctorow's kind words on Boing Boing:

Chris Howard has released an…interesting and well-written…sf thriller called Nanowhere along with a bunch of supplementary materials that purports to be the lab notes and publications of one of the book's characters …

Alexander Shoaler and Kaffia Lang grow up in the years following a second civil war in America.  Dr. Straff, the nanotech visionary hides from justice in a small New Hampshire town.  He's universally reviled for rising to importance with the prior regime…


When Americans thought of Dr. Ernest Straff, they thought of bodies stacked next to dumpsters in alleyways and technicians draining corpses into blood-type bags and selling it off to high-bidders.


Dr. Straff has made recent technological breakthroughs, and there are some who have not forgotten old debts or see the restoration of their former power in the new technology the old doctor has developed.


Follow Alex's struggle to save Kaffia's life, dodging death squads, and negotiating with the sadistic Chairman of the Rost Institute for the release of one of the worst of the prior regime's mass-murderers.


I wrote Nanowhere for the young adult fiction market, which means the torture consists of various methods of bone breaking without getting into the truly revolting stuff.  (Just kidding.  Some of it is revolting).


Creative Commons License

Details on this Creative Commons license here: Nanowhere by Chris Howard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at