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Here are a couple free copies of Teller–just click one of the links below and get the book for your Kindle–the actual device and the app. (If the first one doesn’t work, try the second. These are one-time use passes. When they’re gone they’re gone).,Unused,Unused


I have four books on sale for 99 cents through the month of August, and I have been playing around with Amazon giveaways. I’ve seen the “Setup a Giveaway” button at the bottom of Amazon product pages for a while, but I never gave it any thought. Until a couple weeks ago when I setup my first. The way it works–essentially–is you buy the books (or presumably any product–toaster ovens?) and let Amazon run the actual contest and delivery part.
There are options for handing out special purchase codes that have to come back to you, and other fancy stuff. You can require participants to follow you on Twitter (which I recommend), watch a video on Youtube, or take a survey. There are three methods for setting up the contest part, you can specify a number of books and the odds (1 out of n) for winning. There’s also a magic number selection, where you can have every ninth contestant win a book, and then finally you can just have the first n number of contestants win. (I say I have been playing around with these giveaways because I have now tried all three, just to see how fast the books go, and how things work).
Pretty simple, and if your books are on sale, it can also be pretty cheap. I occasionally run Goodreads giveaways, and will typically have 1500 to 2000 participants for a set of books with some art prints (There’s one going right now for Saltwater Witch, as a matter of fact), but the thing with GoodReads is that these are physical copies of books, which a lot of people would love to win (me too!) What it also means is that I’m paying shipping costs, which can be fairly steep if I include the UK or Australia in the mix–and who doesn’t love to include the UK and Australia in the mix? I love running these giveaways, and I won’t stop, but now that I see how easy and inexpensive it is to run giveaway on Amazon, I think I’m going to add it to my publicity components toolbox. It’s just another way to get my books in the hands of readers who may have never heard of me. That’s a good thing, right?
Has anyone tried out Amazon’s giveaways? I would be interested in hearing your experiences with it. Any other sites or methods for setting up book giveaways out there?

Seaborn Books Timeline

Several readers have asked for details on how the “seaborn books” are connected, and in what ways. Most of the books and stories I have written over the last ten years are tied together in one timeline, sharing characters, a couple of them extending over a generation. A few clearly share the same setting–our near-future world, with seaborn characters, but without Kassandra making much of an appearance–or not at all (Salvage).

You may have noticed that there’s a genre mix, from what would neatly fall into fantasy, urban fantasy, dark fantasy, etc. to stories that could legitimately be categorized as science fiction or tech-thriller (Nanowhere, Salvage), to stories that may not clearly fall into any bucket (Winterdim). Futuristic fantasy?

You may have noticed that most of these stories take place in the future. That’s on purpose. You could also look at the stories in this timeline and see the advance of technology from one to the next–especially when you get twenty or ninety years into the future, from Nanowhere to Teller and finally to Winterdim. I am a software engineer and technologist, so I am always interested in the progress of technology, where it will lead us, and where it will be applied in the fields of health, culture, military, and–very important to me–in or on the ocean, in support of preserving ocean wildlife as well as how we will continue to provide enough seafood for the world’s every growing market for it.

Want to print out the timeline, or get a closer look?

Let me know if you see typos, problems with the order or dates. I threw this together quickly, a lot of of it coming out of long email discussions with Georg (, Lorena (, and others. Also, I mention characters, plot direction for future books, and other details that you may consider spoilers, so read some of the longer blocks of fine print at your own risk!


Saltwater Witch Chapter 17 Update!

Saltwater Witch Comic

I know. I know, it’s been too long. I’ve been busy working on the Salvage comic, and left Saltwater Witch to just sit there for a couple months. Well, I’m back in business on Saltwater Witch, with three more pages–the rest of chapter 17 scripted and storyboarded. I just need to do the art and lettering. Soon. Very soon! In the meantime I’ve posted a new page for chapter 17, Kassandra and her grandmother still discussing the coming problems with Tharsaleos. The talk’s getting a little more intense.


Scale armor shirt…

This is just so cool. Kassandra would buy this in a second.


Mermaids with crowns

Not just Starbucks… Kassandra from Saltwater Witch, Seaborn, Sea Throne…with her buddy, Ephoros–he’s the guy with the sharp teeth. Spent a long time on this one, working in a lot of detail, about eight hours in CS6 and AR4. I’m probably going to use this for the intro page to the Saltwater Witch Comic 16. This is also a good one for those of you who want to know what the Wreath really looks like (her crown).

Saltwater Witch 15 Page 5 Preview

I’m not sure about the layout, and it’s missing a panel showing Michael Henderson–asleep, but here’s a set of panels with Kassandra, possessed by Andromache, doing a flip in the water and drawing her sword at the same time.  About seven hours total in ArtRage4 and CS6.


More character painting for chapter 15

Here’s another Kassandra and Ephoros character study for chapter 15 of the Saltwater Witch comic.  About four hours in Art Rage and CS6.


Kassandra and Ochleros Battle Practice

Here’s a scene from Seaborn, with Kassandra practicing attackes with the demon Ochleros, not long before the battle. About 7 hours in Art Rage and CS6.





The Seaborn Trilogy

New cover design for all three, with new art for Sea Throne!

mermaids mermaid Chris Howard witch

Jelly Jam

“Jelly Jam” – Painted this one this morning, about four hours in Art Rage and CS6.  I was really trying for a lot of color on the canvas, with parts of her going transparent, fading into the background with her Cnidarian friends.