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“Teller” Tarot iPhone/iPad App

I built another app over the weekend. This is one of those things that’s been in the back of my head for a couple years.  I just thought it would be cool to make a mobile app that goes along with my book Teller, with a complete usable tarot—all 78 of the original 1909 Rider-Waite tarot deck, the most popular deck in the US. I also wanted the ability to identify the cards, the meanings, reverse meanings, and other interesting stuff from A. E. Waite’s “Pictorial Key to the Tarot” (published in 1911). 

I still have some testing to do, but it’s pretty much complete, with the following features:

1. Complete deck, majors, minors, with the ability to shuffle, deal any number of cards.
2. The ability to move the cards around easily—the ability to use any spread you want, with a slidable background/tabletop with enough room for big layouts (see the 7-card spread in the screenshots).
3. Support for reverses and sideways card placement
4. Some gesture driven functions, like press-hold to bring up the help for any individual card with meanings for upright, reverses.
5. Simple help layer that points out the main features
6. Sample chapters from Teller (the first five)
7. Going to add some art from Teller.

Some screenshots.  What do you think? 


Saltwater Witch Comic in ePub

Chapter 1 of Saltwater Witch is now available in ePub format!  Open in it iBooks, Nook, Adobe, Stanza, or any of the ePub readers out there. I will be following up with the rest of the available chapters–1 through 11 with a bit of 12.

 Saltwater Witch Chapter 1   (7.5 MB)


What I’m working on…

SeabornAppSampleHoping to submit an update to Apple this weekend. I'm working on Version 3 of the Seaborn Books and Art iPhone app, which includes bug fixes, enhancements, and an entirely new feature called "Ocean View", a set of artistic image filters that will give any photo or illustration an underwater look.  Version 3 of the Seaborn app is going live with five Ocean View filters: Shallows, Biologic, Beams, Rust, and The Tide. 

Shallows attempts to recreate that shallow-water experience of bands and rings of light.

Biologic is a tinting and blending filter that allows you to merge your photos with some of the built-in underwater images of marine flora and fauna.

Beams overlays some vertical bands of light with some contrast and tint adjustments.

Rust…never sleeps. This will significantly alter the copy of the image you run through it.  (See the examples in the workflow below).

The Tide takes a few passes to overlay a rising tide halfway across an image.

With this release the blending, alpha, color, and other values are set for each filter and can't be adjusted, but I'm already working on the next version, which will add new filters and allow greater flexibility with each–sliders for parameter values and the ability to add custom image overlays.  In version 3 the filters employ a bit of randomness with each pass, producing different results almost every time. 

Version 3 will also have built-in sharing features that allow you to post your Ocean View creations–with comments–onTwitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and other social platforms.  You can also email copies of your images and save to the camera roll or photo albums on your iPhone.

Here's my workflow diagram–click to view full-sized:



Seaborn app for the iPhone is out!

SeaborniPhoneAppIconThe Seaborn app for the iPad has been available for a while, and I'm working on a new version.  Apple just notified me that the iPhone version is now available!

Here are the links:

Seaborn iPhone app


Seaborn iPad app


Help me spread the word! Here's the HTML for the iPhone app:

<p><br />Seaborn <strong>iPhone</strong> app<a href=""><br /><span style="font-size: medium;"><img src="" border="0" alt="" width="116" height="40" /></span></a></p>

Here's the HTML for the iPad app:

<p><br />Seaborn <strong>iPad</strong> app<a href=""><br /><span style="font-size: medium;"><img src="" border="0" alt="" width="116" height="40" /></span></a></p>

Here's the main menu for the Seaborn iPhone app:



iPhone 4s

Alice and I went up to the AT&T store in Newington yesterday morning, and walked out with a pair of iPhone 4s's.  There was a bit of a line, but they had things flowing smoothly.  You know I'd swear they've done this before…

This is my third iPhone. Pretty soon I'll have enough boxes to build a fort.


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iPhone app for Seaborn

SeaborniPhoneAppMenu Finally. It's months late but I submitted it to iTunes Sunday night, and expect to see it in the app store soon—within the next couple weeks. I'll keep you posted. 

This is pretty much a straight port of the Seaborn iPad app to iPhone.  The main difference is the "Art Portfolio", which points to my online portfolio. (One collection to maintain and it's always up to date).

I was halfway through development of a Seaborn "universal app" which covers iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, but dropped that path a couple months back and moved to two separate apps because there are different features and presentation methods–some of them significant–I will be adding for each platform.  (e.g., I may move the iPhone version to the Cocos2D framework and include games and other cool things).

Seaborn iPad app

Seaborn Universal App (That’s an app for iPhone and iPad)

Photo-1 Got up early this morning with a project I have been waiting to get to–a "universal app" for my Seaborn app, which is currently iPad only.  Some of you have been emailing for an iPhone/iPod Touch version, and I can now offer proof that it's in the works!

The idea is that the app developer builds a single app that works for both platforms, and in the case of purchasable apps, if you have already purchased it for your iPhone, you can install the same app on your iPad without another charge. 

Here's what I have so far–and trust me it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Seaborn is a Navigation controller type app, but on the iPad it uses features that are iPad specific–UISplitViewController, etc.  So, it's been a subclassing kind of morning.

Here's the current Seaborn iPad app

Seaborn iPad app

Here are a couple screenshots of the latest development–porting the navigation controller menus to both platforms:

iPhone menu–menu items will be changing, but this is the existing menu layout:


Here's the same menu on the iPad–with splitscreen:




Cast of Characters

Okay, here's the last character study for a bit, finished up last night with the gun-toting character on the left.  I'm doing these as studies for a project I'm going to jump on in a week or so, hoping to finish up around the beginning of the new year.  And again, all drawing, painting, adjusting, were done on the iPad, mostly in the Brushes app.  Seriously thinking about sticking with that for this project, too–I know, I've said it before, but this time…I may just mean it!

Click for the full view:


comic line work, coloring and shading on the iPad

Took a couple hours last night to sketch and paint this out on the iPad.

Here's a character study for a project I'm about to start, two of the main characters–art below and video showing progress below that. The video shows how I color and shade in the Brushes app on the iPad.  I usually use Sketchbook Pro to do the rough sketch, bring it into Brushes to refine, color, shade, outline.  I usually finish up in Sketchbook Pro–also using some filtering tools to adjust overall lighting, tinting, contrast.

To finish up, I brought the image into the Filterstorm app, dropped the contrast way down, and darkened it up, also brought the warmth and sat up.




ArtsProjektLogo I'm really excited to tell everyone that I'm in ARTSPROJEKT, "a curated platform that empowers emerging and establish artists and brands to connect, collaborate, and showcase original art, designs and ideas with fans and consumers."
–and I'm in here with a lot of extremely talented and imaginative artists.

See my store here: 

I'm going to be doing all kinds of cool product designs, but to start off I have a few different iPhone and iPad cases I want everyone to hear about.  (iPad, iPhone 3G/3Gs, iPhone 4 cases).  I'll be adding new designs very soon, so check back.


I'm still putting some details together, but I'll be running a contest to win a Saltwater Witch iPhone case (iPhone 3G/3GS or 4) as well as some other cool prizes.  Stay tuned for that, too–and if you have any contest ideas or prize ideas, I'd love to hear them.

IPadCase IPhone4Case

iPad and iPhone 4 cases above.

Below there's a shot of the iPhone 3Gs case–this is a Speck® Fitted™ Hard Shell Case, really kick-ass case for your phone. Closeup of the case, "Saltwater Witch"