Saltwater Witch 15 New Pages!

Got up early this morning to finish and post the finals for another two pages for chapter 15 of the Saltwater Witch Comic. ┬áThis set has the first look at Kassandra’s mother, Ampharete (pronounced Am-FAIR-eh-tay) holding Kassandra as a baby, along with the first appearance of Ampharete’s bodyguard, Zypheria. I did most of the line work for these in AR4, the rest in CS6.

I’ve also spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out a way to convey the power of the Wreath–this power that’s inside Kassandra–in a visual way. In the books it’s really an internal feeling, sort of an awful power welling up and taking over, but with a comic I have to solve this with something the reader can see. The result: Kassandra gets hideous for a few moments.

The comic and everything else is here:



2 comments on “Saltwater Witch 15 New Pages!

  1. I love your use of mixed art, especially the way you incorporate Poser in your works!

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