Shooting the moon with Nikon and William Optics

I’m just starting out on this astrophotography adventure, with a nice camera and a nice scope. I’ve been using Nikon DSLRs for a while, moving up to my current main camera, a D750–full-frame, 24MP. I just got a William Optics GT-81 refractor, a beautiful piece of equipment. I’ve added a pic of my camera before putting it on the scope in case you’re wondering what I’m using for the setup. The second pic is my GT81 set up for viewing, with red dot finder, mounted on the AltAzimuth–that’s what I use for the moon because it takes some time before it wanders out of frame, and you’re probably not going to be shooting exposures longer than 1/30.














Here’s my setup for visuals:
























And here’s shot of the moon (Nikon D750, 1/1600, ISO 4000, single shot–no stacking, prime focus with the William Optics GT-81)



2 comments on “Shooting the moon with Nikon and William Optics

  1. Hey do you ever use this telescope on the planets visually? if so let me know the results, I am looking into getting this telescope but I want one I can use visually and also for AP. thanks Michael
    • Hi Michael. I haven't yet, but I have recently bought an Astro-Tech 6" f/9 Ritchey-Chrétien scope, which I will probably use for planetary shots instead of the William Optics, mainly for the increased focal length--and the planets are bright enough to not make a difference in the f/9 over the WO's f/5.9. ( All in all, the GT-81 is a much better scope, but its sweet-spot is larger deep space objects. (I can barely fit the Andromeda Galaxy into the frame with the Astro-Tech). Chris

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