Astro setup update: INDI, Ekos, KStars, on a Raspberry Pi, Oh my!

I spent a few hours this morning installing Ubuntu Mate on a Raspberry Pi3, along with the full Ekos toolset and foundational INDI libraries. And now I’m talking to every piece of astronomical equipment remotely from the Mac–and I mean everything: the Atlas EQ-G mount, Atik CCD, Atik filter wheel, focuser, ZWO CCD guide camera, even the freakin’ Weather Underground API. I leaned heavily on the docs written by James Taylor–find those here:
Of course, this whole Ekos, Kstars, INDI thing wouldn’t exist without Jasem Mutlaq, who has created some seriously cool software and systems here. Info on Ekos: – Ekos is an advanced cross-platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) observatory control and automation tool with particular focus on Astrophotography…
Still some testing and an actual astro imaging session to roll through, but this is so promising. I’ve been an EQMOD guy up to this point, but I’m on the edge of ditching all of that for INDI, Ekos, and KStars. My goal is be able to set everything up way out in the backyard, run 110v AC out there–already doing that, and be able to sit in the cool or warm–depending on the season–house to run complex astrophotography sessions, schedule half a dozen target across the sky, and just let the machines do their thing.
Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 1.16.49 PM
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