“Teller” Tarot iPhone/iPad App

I built another app over the weekend. This is one of those things that’s been in the back of my head for a couple years.  I just thought it would be cool to make a mobile app that goes along with my book Teller, with a complete usable tarot—all 78 of the original 1909 Rider-Waite tarot deck, the most popular deck in the US. I also wanted the ability to identify the cards, the meanings, reverse meanings, and other interesting stuff from A. E. Waite’s “Pictorial Key to the Tarot” (published in 1911). 

I still have some testing to do, but it’s pretty much complete, with the following features:

1. Complete deck, majors, minors, with the ability to shuffle, deal any number of cards.
2. The ability to move the cards around easily—the ability to use any spread you want, with a slidable background/tabletop with enough room for big layouts (see the 7-card spread in the screenshots).
3. Support for reverses and sideways card placement
4. Some gesture driven functions, like press-hold to bring up the help for any individual card with meanings for upright, reverses.
5. Simple help layer that points out the main features
6. Sample chapters from Teller (the first five)
7. Going to add some art from Teller.

Some screenshots.  What do you think? 


2 comments on ““Teller” Tarot iPhone/iPad App

  1. If I read that right, my death is near. Other than that, this looks great. Intuitive gestures; all the help one might need (maybe you should add a link to a Project Gutenberg copy of some Tarot books - or maybe Amazon so you get a kickback ;-)(and/or links to Piers Anthony's Tarot series so you can both get some $$)
  2. Death is near? I thought the cards looked good for you! Submitting to Apple this week. I should be able to squeeze in some links, but Apple won't allow in-app links to Amazon--even to link out to Safari. Bummer.

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