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Seaborn Family Tree – and some free elements

I've been playing with the idea of doing a fancy version of Kassandra's family tree for a while–it was a scribbled on page in my journal for a while, and then a quick colored version of it in photoshop, but here's the result of trying to make it look good. (This all comes from Seaborn and Sea Throne if you're wondering–and, hey, if you're wondering, go buy the book–available in print, Kindle and iBooks!)

Want to make your own tree?

Family Tree Elements in PNG and PSD format.  Get'em while they're hot!

Seaborn Family Tree Elements:  PSD (4.4mb) or PNG (1.6mb)

(Click on the PNG link above to see what the template looks like)

Here's Kassandra's Family Tree–click for the full view: