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Plotting out the sequel to Salvage

Over lunch I worked on the plot for Salvage’s sequel, which I’m calling Wreckage for now.  Salvage will be out next month from Masque–more links and pics and more info when I have them.  Here are a couple pages from my notebook with my (fuzzy) notes and doodles about Wreckage.



Saltwater Witch Chapt 13, page 4 is up!

Did some drawing this afternoon, a couple more panels for chapter 13. Done and posted.  Check it all out here: http://www.saltwaterwitch.com


Saltwater Witch Chapt 13, page 3 is up!

Sketched out the two panels for page three this morning, lined and colored them this afternoon, and just finished the lettering, balloons, and other details. It's posted.  Check out page 3 here: http://www.saltwaterwitch.com/switch

Here's the linework for the two panels:


SALVAGE is done!

The end! Finished another book, fifty-two chapters, a little under a hundred thousand words, working title is SalvageThis is another Seaborn book–the first in a new series, sort of a tech-thriller/fantasy cross-over, if you can imagine that. The plan is to let it sit, steep like bad tea for a month, do one more edit pass, and get the manuscript to my agent mid-January.  We'll see where it goes from there.

In the meantime–although I'm tired, I am clearly not too tired to cook up some fun cover art for this one.  Hope you like!


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Nanowhere covers

This is the cover for the upcoming mass-market paperback edition of Nanowhere.  Forgot to post this last week.  Some minor tweaking to go, but it's pretty much this:


Seaborn book covers!

Here's the latest rev of the new Seaborn book cover for the trade edition. Click the pic for the full view.


Seaborn Wallpaper

Two formats: 1280 x 800 for the typical desktop/laptop display and 768 x 1024 for the iPad and other tablets. Download links here:






This takes me back

TwilightI just found this—completely forgot about being published in this mag—six stories, heroic fantasy!  I’m even on the cover “Serial Fiction by Christopher Howard”



Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archaeology

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Originally published in Fantasy Magazine, June 2010, Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archaeology is about the children of the men and women in the US Army who grow up going to ten different schools, who lose and find friends at every post, and the pieces of themselves they leave behind every time they move.