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IF: unfold

I continue to tweak this one, starting out as from the perspective of someone looking over a vast forested landscape from above, and from there, drawing it deeper until we're now looking up at the figure at the crest of the tree from below.  Also playing with the reflection.

That's what reflections do, right?  Mirrors, prisms, the surface of water–they show you where and how reality can be unfolded.

This one's really big. Click here to see the full view.

IF: intricate

One of a set of character studies I'm doing. Click for the full view:



IF: pale

Today's Illustration Friday topic is pale.  Here's my latest character study for Jillian "Jill" in my web comic Saltwater Witch.

Click the pic for the full view



IF: sugary

A doodle of a C&H sugar bag I did on the edge of a larger work–for Illustration Friday topic: sugary.



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IF: packed

A doodle from my Moleskine notebook, ink and watercolors, for Illustration Friday topic: packed.  Started out goofing with the idea of a suitcase leaking water and went from there to here, surf stickers, band stickers, a CC sticker, and other stuff.  She even has the gama go yeti on the left, and on the end, a Spore sticker.


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IF: canned

Another superhero gets a pink slip. Painted this for Illustration Friday topic: canned. Click for the large view.



Painted this for Illustration Friday topic: punchline.  Digital, about 40 minutes. Knock knock…



Spent a few hours painting tonight.  This is in progress, so I’ll be updating–really like the way this is going, though.  (Click the pic for the large view).


IF: backwards

To people living at the bottom of the sea, up is bad, down is good, and our world is backward.  I was up late last night–couldn’t sleep–and painted this scene and character, the next ruler of the Seaborn, a few years after she’s settled in, after the current king is removed from the throne.  Click the pic to view it larger.



IF: little things

Earth is an ocean world–and worlds come in all sizes…depending on who or what you are.