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Sketching in Art Rage on the iPad

I'm putting together a tutorial for drawing and painting on the iPad, and I spent a few minutes tonight saving off the progress of a quick sketch, focusing on the use of layers in the Art Rage app on the iPad. "Layers" is a fairly common feature in the better drawing and painting apps on any platform/OS–from Photoshop, Painter, Sketchbook Pro, to Art Rage, and a batch of others.

Think of a layer as a sheet of tracing paper you can put down over your drawing to use the underlying line work to guide you–but with a lot more power, including blending modes, which I won't get into.

From left to right: a quick sketch to get down the figure in motion and not much else.  Adding a second layer, I reduce the transparency of the first and draw–or redraw–the figure with more definition, bringing out folds in the cloth and giving the face some guidelines. Creating a third layer, reducing the transparency on the second, I now use the work in first two layers to redraw the figure with even greater detail.  

Click the image for the full view:

Here's what the Art Rage UI looks like on the iPad–with the layering menu up at the bottom right.



My novel Winterdim is now available in ebook and very soon in print.  It hasn't shown up everywhere yet, but I see it at Amazon and B&N.  In the iBookstore I think it will get a release date of 11-11-11, which is cool.

Winterdim @ Amazon

Winterdim @ Barnes & Noble

Front cover below, text from the back cover:

Theodora Viran has a way with forests, blossoms, creeping vines, composting, paranoia, and sudden death.  She sees deception in every shadow, a trap in every word, and the universe has always been someone else's  manipulative game,  but when she makes a promise to save the life of a childhood friend,  it becomes a promise she cannot break without breaking her view of the world.

What I’m working on…

Here's a painting I'm working on, a really big complex thing with a bunch of figures–seaborn and orcas–engaged in underwater combat.  Still a ways to go, but here's a detail and a much reduced version of where things stand at the moment. So far about twenty hours of work, mostly in Sketchbook Pro and Art Rage, but I've also incorporated sketches from Brushes and Sketchbook on my iPad.  I'm about halfway done.  So much detail in this one.




What I’m working on…

SeabornAppSampleHoping to submit an update to Apple this weekend. I'm working on Version 3 of the Seaborn Books and Art iPhone app, which includes bug fixes, enhancements, and an entirely new feature called "Ocean View", a set of artistic image filters that will give any photo or illustration an underwater look.  Version 3 of the Seaborn app is going live with five Ocean View filters: Shallows, Biologic, Beams, Rust, and The Tide. 

Shallows attempts to recreate that shallow-water experience of bands and rings of light.

Biologic is a tinting and blending filter that allows you to merge your photos with some of the built-in underwater images of marine flora and fauna.

Beams overlays some vertical bands of light with some contrast and tint adjustments.

Rust‚Ķnever sleeps. This will significantly alter the copy of the image you run through it.  (See the examples in the workflow below).

The Tide takes a few passes to overlay a rising tide halfway across an image.

With this release the blending, alpha, color, and other values are set for each filter and can't be adjusted, but I'm already working on the next version, which will add new filters and allow greater flexibility with each–sliders for parameter values and the ability to add custom image overlays.  In version 3 the filters employ a bit of randomness with each pass, producing different results almost every time. 

Version 3 will also have built-in sharing features that allow you to post your Ocean View creations–with comments–onTwitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and other social platforms.  You can also email copies of your images and save to the camera roll or photo albums on your iPhone.

Here's my workflow diagram–click to view full-sized:



Seaborn app for the iPhone is out!

SeaborniPhoneAppIconThe Seaborn app for the iPad has been available for a while, and I'm working on a new version.  Apple just notified me that the iPhone version is now available!

Here are the links:

Seaborn iPhone app


Seaborn iPad app


Help me spread the word! Here's the HTML for the iPhone app:

<p><br />Seaborn <strong>iPhone</strong> app<a href="http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/seaborn-books-and-art/id468260118?mt=8"><br /><span style="font-size: medium;"><img src="http://www.saltwaterwitch.com/knowledgenix/AppAvailable-iPhone.png" border="0" alt="" width="116" height="40" /></span></a></p>

Here's the HTML for the iPad app:

<p><br />Seaborn <strong>iPad</strong> app<a href="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=393798398&mt=8"><br /><span style="font-size: medium;"><img src="http://www.saltwaterwitch.com/knowledgenix/App-iTunes-iPad.png" border="0" alt="" width="116" height="40" /></span></a></p>

Here's the main menu for the Seaborn iPhone app:



Goofing with QR Codes

I've created a QR code for SaltwaterWitch.com (black and white) that works just like it's supposed to, but I started playing around with colors and how far I could distort the code and still have it readable.  I got pretty far.  If you have a QR code reader on your phone let me know if any of these don't work. They all worked with mine, although I had a bit of trouble with the last one.  I suspect I'm getting to the edge of what's readable.

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233 pages of Saltwater Witch are back up

With updated pages! I put these back up last night but forgot to tell anyone. I haven't put up the new pages I'm working on–the rest of chapter 12, but you should notice some updates through the first couple chapters.  I'm still a bit embarrassed about a lot of the art and lettering in chapters 2 through 8, and I'm working on new panels for 12, and redrawing existing pages as I get time.

See Saltwater Witch chapters 1 – 11 + the first page of chapter 12 here.

Here's a new page from chapter 2 followed by the old page–I just realized Kassandra is pointing the wrong way in the old page.  The windows should be to her right:



Seaborn Universal App (That’s an app for iPhone and iPad)

Photo-1 Got up early this morning with a project I have been waiting to get to–a "universal app" for my Seaborn app, which is currently iPad only.  Some of you have been emailing for an iPhone/iPod Touch version, and I can now offer proof that it's in the works!

The idea is that the app developer builds a single app that works for both platforms, and in the case of purchasable apps, if you have already purchased it for your iPhone, you can install the same app on your iPad without another charge. 

Here's what I have so far–and trust me it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Seaborn is a Navigation controller type app, but on the iPad it uses features that are iPad specific–UISplitViewController, etc.  So, it's been a subclassing kind of morning.

Here's the current Seaborn iPad app

Seaborn iPad app

Here are a couple screenshots of the latest development–porting the navigation controller menus to both platforms:

iPhone menu–menu items will be changing, but this is the existing menu layout:


Here's the same menu on the iPad–with splitscreen:




TELLER Final Cover Design

Sorry for the number of posts and subtle variations on this one. I think this is it!  The book launch is on schedule for the end of the month.  Stay tuned!


Character collage for my current book

I'm 40k words into this one, another 80k to go, planning to wrap up in June.  In the meantime, here's a character study I drew in five separate pieces in the Brushes app on the iPad, and then assembled into this collage in Photoshop.  You can probably guess that this is a little different from the books I normally write.

What do you think of my main character's shirt design?

More on this new story when I can tell you more!


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