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Seaborn book covers!

Here's the latest rev of the new Seaborn book cover for the trade edition. Click the pic for the full view.


The Wreath of Poseidon

This will be available soon! The Wreath of Poseidon is basically Saltwater Witch remixed by my daughter Chloe and I.  This version of the story is in 3rd person (Saltwater Witch is in 1st), and this version is a bit longer, contains more story, including some scenes cut from the original. We went back to the original 3rd person story I wrote in 2003 with some help from a nine-year-old Chloe (She's seventeen now).        

What I’m working on…

Here's a painting I'm working on, a really big complex thing with a bunch of figures–seaborn and orcas–engaged in underwater combat.  Still a ways to go, but here's a detail and a much reduced version of where things stand at the moment. So far about twenty hours of work, mostly in Sketchbook Pro and Art Rage, but I've also incorporated sketches from Brushes and Sketchbook on my iPad.  I'm about halfway done.  So much detail in this one.




Real Mermaids are into Black Flag

My first drawing in Sketchbook Pro–just installed it from the Mac app store.  I use SBP on the iPad, and love it.  Almost looks like a 19th Century advertisement for French Soap.

Click for the full view!



Talking heads…they never bring good news

Just posted the latest page–page 228 (Page 211 in image file names, but that's because I have a bunch of page 12a and 12b's, and it messed up my nice consecutive order).

I'm really happy with this art.  Finally…finally! I'm getting to the point where I can draw and paint a whole page, then letter it in under four hours. I started last night, spent a couple hours, and I just spent another hour and a half this morning. 

I'm also playing with the lettering again.  I really thought it would be cool to have an upper/lower case font which sort of looked like Kassandra's own hand, but…what do I know?  It didn't turn out that well, wasn't nearly as readable as a any of the good comic fonts out there.  (Blambot's the best source I've seen for lettering and effects text)

Anyway, here's the latest page–or maybe you'd better go see it all at SaltwaterWitch.com




Saltwater Witch Chapt4 detail

Detail crop of one of the Saltwater Witch panels I'm working on now.  This is the start of chapter 4, Kassandra waking in the middle of the night, talking to Praxinos–telling him to shut up, actually.  I'm continuing with the all digital mode even above the sea.  Thanks for everyone who gave me feedback on this.  I do like doing the pen and ink panels, but they're not as rich looking, and with digital (CS and my Wacom and pen) it's quicker work.  In chapter 4 especially, these are all nighttime scenes, all the lights inside the hall, and several scenes outside in the dark, and I spent a lot of time sketching and thinking about how I was going ot do that in watercolors and still make it look as dark and rich as I can painting in Photoshop and Painter.

Saltwater Witch Web Comic:


Sea-demons spitting up governesses

Watercolor on art board.  Two characters from Saltwater Witch and Seaborn (Mentions of both in Seaborn, but both are out of the picture by that time). This is a scene from Saltwater Witch, the demon Ephoros spitting up Kassandra's governess a few minutes after eating her.  You can an idea of what's going on if you check out chapter one of Saltwater Witch here.

Click the pic for the large view:

Going under

Watercolor on art board.  Michael Henderson from Saltwater Witch and Seaborn falling into deep
water. He’s managed to get out of his sinking car, but his trouble’s
just beginning.

Click the pic for the larger view:



This is a character study for King Tharsaleos, a manipulative bastard working many angles behind the scenes in Saltwater Witch and Seaborn.  Comeuppance coming in the next one.  I promise. IF: excess

Click the pic to see it larger.