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Saltwater Witch Chapt 13, page 3 is up!

Sketched out the two panels for page three this morning, lined and colored them this afternoon, and just finished the lettering, balloons, and other details. It's posted.  Check out page 3 here: http://www.saltwaterwitch.com/switch

Here's the linework for the two panels:


Zombie Road

Zombie Road – promo piece for Saltwater Witch. Click the image for the full view. http://www.SaltwaterWitch.com


Listen to the sea…

It has some important things to say.  Painted this tonight, about four and a half hours.  I've had this idea planned out for a while, with sketching and different ways of communicating with the oceans. In one I had her using a long strand of seaweed, but I didn't like the way it was turning out, and went back to my original, listening in a seashell. Click the image for a slightly larger version.


Seaborn Giveaway on Goodreads!

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Making a scroll…

Are we slowly moving away from the codex format for books? Who knows. In the meantime–well, at least this summer–I'm going to be making scrolls! Here's the link to a good view of the entire piece:


I'm working on a prototype scroll–and I mean twelve feet of illustration rolled onto two scroll bars that can be rolled out on a tabletop. See the full pic for a snapshot of one section of the illo as well as me sawing one of the bars and rolled out shot from the printers.

Click for the full view:


Seaborn book covers!

Here's the latest rev of the new Seaborn book cover for the trade edition. Click the pic for the full view.


Saltwater Witch Promo poster

I had a QR Code project going over the weekend for GBeCS–where my kids go to school.  It involved dropping the school logo into the center of the code and a bit of recoloring while maintaining enough of the code to be read.  From there I started goofing with my own QR code that will get viewers  to SaltwaterWitch.com (those with smart phones and a QR code reader app, which means just about everyone, right?).

Click for the full view!

Cephalopod Awareness Day, it’s right around the corner

Wait, there aren't any corners in a Cephalopod's world, right?  Cephalopod Awareness Day is on the 8th of October, of course.  Here's my contribution–take and post at will. 

Sigh…I remember my first Cephalopod Awareness Day like it was yesterday… Actually it was only a few years ago–2007. I think I heard about it first on Pharyngula.



Saltwater Witch new pages and panels

Okay, I'm really excited about some new pages I'm drawing and painting for…wait for it…Chapter 11 of Saltwater Witch.  This is all new stuff, continuing where I left off several months back, with Kassandra and her favorite sea-demon Ephoros headed out to see some bad guys.  Back in April or May I had to finish writing a book–that's done, and it's time to get back into putting up at least one page (3 – 4 painted panels) per week, sometimes more when I can.

Sorry you've had to wait this long for me to get my act back together.

Here's a preview of one of the panels that's going up tomorrow night or Monday morning–Kassandra looking Shakira-like for some reason:




I finished up page 147 of Saltwater Witch last night, ending with four Naiads (three of them here) ready for a showdown in a motel room in Nebraska.  (That’s where I do most of my brawling–Nebraskan motels). In my books, Naiads are river witches, freshwater witches, not always–but most of the time–at odds with anyone from the sea.

This is Helodes (left) Parresia (center) and Limnoria (right).  Parresia sort of leads the group, but Limnoria’s the most powerful of her sisters, which is also why she’s the least worried when Kassandra shows up–and, if you’ve read Saltwater Witch (or Seaborn) so far, you know Kassandra’s not just anyone from the sea. Perfectly capable of making mayhem. I did go a little bit out of my way to make Limnoria look like Holly Black–that’s just how I’ve always pictured Limnoria.