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This takes me back

TwilightI just found this—completely forgot about being published in this mag—six stories, heroic fantasy!  I’m even on the cover “Serial Fiction by Christopher Howard”



Saltwater Witch Chapt4 detail

Detail crop of one of the Saltwater Witch panels I'm working on now.  This is the start of chapter 4, Kassandra waking in the middle of the night, talking to Praxinos–telling him to shut up, actually.  I'm continuing with the all digital mode even above the sea.  Thanks for everyone who gave me feedback on this.  I do like doing the pen and ink panels, but they're not as rich looking, and with digital (CS and my Wacom and pen) it's quicker work.  In chapter 4 especially, these are all nighttime scenes, all the lights inside the hall, and several scenes outside in the dark, and I spent a lot of time sketching and thinking about how I was going ot do that in watercolors and still make it look as dark and rich as I can painting in Photoshop and Painter.

Saltwater Witch Web Comic:


Happy Holidays

A little late getting this post up, but here it is.  Hope everyone's having a happy and/or productive holiday.  We've had a couple good snowfalls in the last week, although it's high 30s today and raining. 

Alice took the kids to see Yes Man with Jim Carrey the night of the 26th, and I spent the time reading Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book–very cool story.  I've also done quite a bit of writing and drawing. 


  • I currently have two short stories submitted, as well as one novel–still no word on any of these.
  • I finished an SF short story, ended up just under 4k words.
  • Since Wednesday, I've put down another 2k words on an all new novel, new world (nothing from the sea), new characters, and all that.


  • I have a few details to work out and I'm done with a piece of art to be published on 09 sometime–more on that when I can tell about it.
  • I've sketched out the next six panels for Saltwater Witch, and I should have them up on Monday.


Hope everyone's doing well and being creative!


Sea-demons spitting up governesses

Watercolor on art board.  Two characters from Saltwater Witch and Seaborn (Mentions of both in Seaborn, but both are out of the picture by that time). This is a scene from Saltwater Witch, the demon Ephoros spitting up Kassandra's governess a few minutes after eating her.  You can an idea of what's going on if you check out chapter one of Saltwater Witch here.

Click the pic for the large view:

Going under

Watercolor on art board.  Michael Henderson from Saltwater Witch and Seaborn falling into deep
water. He’s managed to get out of his sinking car, but his trouble’s
just beginning.

Click the pic for the larger view:



Chloe went to see Twilight last night with her friends.  I asked her what she thought when she got home: "Beautiful" and "followed the book well, lots of recognizable dialogue right out of Meyers' story."–which she particularly liked.  Apparently there was also a lot of oohing and aaahing every time Edward walked on the scene.  Crazy vampire lovers.


Stuff from my notebook

Posting a few quick pencil sketches from my notebook, one of Michael Henderson, the former science teacher from Seaborn, an angry Nicole, and the surf. Click the pics for the larger view.




Seaborn Review at Amberkatze’s Book Blog

Cool review over at Amberkatze’s Book Blog:

A new world is born in this fantasy work of art. The sea has alot on offer in this fresh and unique debut book by Chris Howard. With some darkness, alot of depth and some fantastic characters this is a must read for any fantasy fans who like the sea aspect or who just want to try something a little different…

Full review here:

Hi5′n in the Galapagos

I’m looking at the global social network map over at Wandamere by way of an analysis of the map post at Valleywag.  It’s basically our planet with national boundaries filled in with the color of the dominant social net in that particular country.  My first thought was…how cool.  Then it became obvious that there’s a drawback in using the brand colors for mapping when several of the major social nets have all gone blue.  (So, is that MySpace that’s taken over America, and Facebook in Canada?) 


Hi5galapagos_2My second thought: are they really hot on Hi5 in the Galapagos or did the islands simply get lumped in with Ecuador where Hi5 is hot?

Here’s another cool social net face-off between facebook, myspace, orkut, bebo, linkedin over on GoogleTrends, showing news reference and search volumes. 

Check out the giant version of the map here: http://www.wandamere.com/SocialNetworks_WorldMap.png/SocialNetworks_WorldMap-full.jpg


Spent a few hours painting tonight.  This is in progress, so I’ll be updating–really like the way this is going, though.  (Click the pic for the large view).