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SaltwaterWitch.com Update

SaltwaterWitch.com – New background art, with some cosmetic changes, and links to new works–the new edition of Nanowhere and the latest release, Mermaid.



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Saltwater Witch

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The Wreath of Poseidon

This will be available soon! The Wreath of Poseidon is basically Saltwater Witch remixed by my daughter Chloe and I.  This version of the story is in 3rd person (Saltwater Witch is in 1st), and this version is a bit longer, contains more story, including some scenes cut from the original. We went back to the original 3rd person story I wrote in 2003 with some help from a nine-year-old Chloe (She's seventeen now).        

Saltwater Witch update – pages 234 through 238

Okay, I've posted them–www.SaltwaterWitch.com! For the foreseeable future I'm going to draw panels on my iPad (color when I can) and letter in Photoshop, hoping to get this down as a system that won't take all of my time. I have the rest of this chapter and a bunch of the next–roughly twelve pages–planned out, storyboarded but really sloppy. I drew eleven panels yesterday in Art Rage and Sketchbook Pro, which is a lot for me, and the quality is pretty good.  I'm doing a lot more with gestures and facial expressions.  Disgust is a really tough one to capture. I like the way all of these pages came out, enough to post them.  Haven't colored the last four, but I'm going to keep moving.

Firsts: first time drawing a toilet.

Questions?  Comments? I'd love to hear what you think! 

See chapters  1 – 12 here:


What I’m working on…

Here's a painting I'm working on, a really big complex thing with a bunch of figures–seaborn and orcas–engaged in underwater combat.  Still a ways to go, but here's a detail and a much reduced version of where things stand at the moment. So far about twenty hours of work, mostly in Sketchbook Pro and Art Rage, but I've also incorporated sketches from Brushes and Sketchbook on my iPad.  I'm about halfway done.  So much detail in this one.




Tomorrow’s Navy

Spent a few hours painting today, and this is what I did:


Cover Art with sea monsters

Here's a first pass at another piece of cover art for…not allowed to tell you yet, but I can tell you that it has some underwater scenes and there's this sort of oceany creature and a guy swimming… There, that's about all I can say right now.

Saltwater Witch new pages and panels

Okay, I'm really excited about some new pages I'm drawing and painting for…wait for it…Chapter 11 of Saltwater Witch.  This is all new stuff, continuing where I left off several months back, with Kassandra and her favorite sea-demon Ephoros headed out to see some bad guys.  Back in April or May I had to finish writing a book–that's done, and it's time to get back into putting up at least one page (3 – 4 painted panels) per week, sometimes more when I can.

Sorry you've had to wait this long for me to get my act back together.

Here's a preview of one of the panels that's going up tomorrow night or Monday morning–Kassandra looking Shakira-like for some reason:



Kassandra, Saltwater Witch

Kassandra-SaltwaterWitch-6d-DISP I’m working on a batch of writing stuff, a proposal, editing, and some concept art for a graphic novel.  I haven’t been able to spend any time on the game/promotion thing, but did some painting yesterday.

Click for the full view.


Promo card ideas

Finished this one this morning, reworking yesterday’s painting into
something I’m going to use for Saltwater Witch promo cards at Boskone
in a couple weeks.

Which one’s your favorite? (I like “fire” at the bottom left, but I think I’m going with the upper left for the cards). 

Click for the full view (big!)