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Saltwater Witch Giveaway at GoodReads!

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Saltwater Witch by Chris Howard

Saltwater Witch

by Chris Howard

Giveaway ends March 08, 2013.

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Seaborn Wallpaper

Two formats: 1280 x 800 for the typical desktop/laptop display and 768 x 1024 for the iPad and other tablets. Download links here:






Fourteen foot tall book covers…

I have been painting like a demon the past few days and although I’m still doing some detail work, I think it’s ready to be posted. First off, the format is a bit ridiculous…or maybe it’s ridiculously cool.  It’s certainly been a fun one to paint.  The actual size in pixels is about 2200 wide by well over 51,000 long.  (That works out to about 7.5 inches wide by over 170 inches tall)

I’m going to leave the purpose for doing this weird-sized illustration unclear, but if you want to you can think of it as a book cover that’s 9 inches wide and fourteen feet tall.  Or maybe it’s a scroll.  Or a fan-fold insert for a book…  How’s that?  Okay, I will fill things in a little more: I’m working on a publishing project that will go live this summer and involves kickstarter.com and possibly some partners.  I’ll leave it at that for now because there is still a lot of planning to do.

The concept is one continuous illustration going from seagulls skimming the surface of a stormy sea to (~51,000 pixels later) the floor of a fairly deep and dark part of the ocean.  In terms of ocean depth it’s about 6000 meters from surface to floor with some of the cool things you’ll find along the way.

Here are a few highlights (below), but it’s a big damn illo and you really should scroll through the whole thing:  http://www.SaltwaterWitch.com/switch/SeabornScroll

Finally, I want to call attention to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (www.whoi.edu) which operates the DSV Alvin, and my favorite aquarium on the planet, Monterey Bay Aquarium (www.montereybayaquarium.org) which has captivated and inspired me for decades.

I also posted this for IllustrationFriday: Heights.

Let me know what you think!





Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archaeology

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Originally published in Fantasy Magazine, June 2010, Lost Dogs and Fireplace Archaeology is about the children of the men and women in the US Army who grow up going to ten different schools, who lose and find friends at every post, and the pieces of themselves they leave behind every time they move.



Saltwater Witch update – pages 234 through 238

Okay, I've posted them–www.SaltwaterWitch.com! For the foreseeable future I'm going to draw panels on my iPad (color when I can) and letter in Photoshop, hoping to get this down as a system that won't take all of my time. I have the rest of this chapter and a bunch of the next–roughly twelve pages–planned out, storyboarded but really sloppy. I drew eleven panels yesterday in Art Rage and Sketchbook Pro, which is a lot for me, and the quality is pretty good.  I'm doing a lot more with gestures and facial expressions.  Disgust is a really tough one to capture. I like the way all of these pages came out, enough to post them.  Haven't colored the last four, but I'm going to keep moving.

Firsts: first time drawing a toilet.

Questions?  Comments? I'd love to hear what you think! 

See chapters  1 – 12 here:


233 pages of Saltwater Witch are back up

With updated pages! I put these back up last night but forgot to tell anyone. I haven't put up the new pages I'm working on–the rest of chapter 12, but you should notice some updates through the first couple chapters.  I'm still a bit embarrassed about a lot of the art and lettering in chapters 2 through 8, and I'm working on new panels for 12, and redrawing existing pages as I get time.

See Saltwater Witch chapters 1 – 11 + the first page of chapter 12 here.

Here's a new page from chapter 2 followed by the old page–I just realized Kassandra is pointing the wrong way in the old page.  The windows should be to her right:



Final…until the next change

Okay, this is it…for now. The Teller cover updates have gone into Amazon, B&N, pushed to Apple, but it takes a bit longer in iBooks.  The print edition won't be out for another week or so–early July. 


Cover Art with sea monsters

Here's a first pass at another piece of cover art for…not allowed to tell you yet, but I can tell you that it has some underwater scenes and there's this sort of oceany creature and a guy swimming… There, that's about all I can say right now.

One of several pieces of book cover art I’m drawing


Saltwater Witch Launch Contest

Saltwater Witch, Seaborn, and Sea Throne book covers:

I'm giving away 20 signed and numbered limited edition accordion folded prints (signed series of 100).  See the images of the contest art at the bottom of this post. Each comes with a signed info document (see the single green-shaded image below).
Here's how to play—it's easy, there are only two steps:
1. Do one of these:

  • Buy a copy of Saltwater Witch, Seaborn or Sea Throne through any of the stores, services, or platforms linked below. 
  • Post a review of Saltwater Witch, Seaborn or Sea Throne on any of the stores, services, or platforms linked below.
  • Spread the word about any or all the books through your blog, Facebook, or site.

2. Let me know:
Send me an email or comment here, telling me which of the three things above you did and that you want to be entered into the drawing.  Just say, "I got Saltwater Witch for the Kindle. Enter me in the drawing for a print.", or "I reviewed Seaborn here…" (My email is chrishoward.author@gmail.com)
I will draw five names a week for the next four weeks.
A few more rules:  you can enter multiple times. For instance, you can enter once for each book, once for each review, once for each spread-the-news post. Unless you win one of the prints, you remain in the pool for the next drawing.

Happy reading!


Onward and downward!

Click the pics for the full view: