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Moonlight fight

…and some creepy guy's shadow–he's waiting to see how things go with the combat.

Click this one for the full view:


Here's my original line art:



New set posted for Saltwater Witch

Did some drawing and watercolors today, the start of chapter 3 for Saltwater Witch–it actually starts with Kassandra talking Praxinos, an old king inside her head.  Check it all out here:



Witch WIP

Isn't it funny how mood and health (I've come down with a nasty cold) can affect what you write or draw?  See my witch below?  That's how I feel right now. 

I started storyboarding the next few scenes for Saltwater Witch, one with Kassandra losing her cool and arguing with a voice in her head.  Bet that looks sane.  Then I went off the rails. 

I had a couple quick angry sets of eyes and mouths, and then just went with a whim, ending up with my witch.  She's in a short story I outlined a week ago or so.  I also wrote 600 words or so on it, but haven't been back.

Just pencil right now, but I'll color it when I have time, probably watercolors.  Witches make better watercolors.

Click to see the full view.   


Just finished another set of inks and watercolors

Here's a scene from page 55 of Saltwater Witch–and a story contained within another story.  I'll be posting pages 55 – 58 tonight or tomorrow.  This is Kassandra in the school cafeteria reading The Odyssey of Homer seconds before she gets a bit of a surprise.

I re-read Hyperion by Dan Simmons over the weekend (started Friday night, finished this morning), and I'd forgotten how many stories inside stories there are in the book.  I got all Shrikey this weekend.  There's a Merlin story, a murder to solve with the old "I need you to solve a murder" Who's murder? "Mine" plot, which incidentally is the very plot of Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon.  Fun stuff.


Some up and coming scenes

Did some sketching and painting today.  Here are a couple scenes that will probably make it into the next set of Saltwater Witch.  Tree and shadows came out pretty good–what do you think?



Happy Holidays

A little late getting this post up, but here it is.  Hope everyone's having a happy and/or productive holiday.  We've had a couple good snowfalls in the last week, although it's high 30s today and raining. 

Alice took the kids to see Yes Man with Jim Carrey the night of the 26th, and I spent the time reading Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book–very cool story.  I've also done quite a bit of writing and drawing. 


  • I currently have two short stories submitted, as well as one novel–still no word on any of these.
  • I finished an SF short story, ended up just under 4k words.
  • Since Wednesday, I've put down another 2k words on an all new novel, new world (nothing from the sea), new characters, and all that.


  • I have a few details to work out and I'm done with a piece of art to be published on 09 sometime–more on that when I can tell about it.
  • I've sketched out the next six panels for Saltwater Witch, and I should have them up on Monday.


Hope everyone's doing well and being creative!


Sea Witch “Andy”

Her name's Andromache–"Andy" for short.  Watercolor and ink on 12 x 17 100lb Bristol Smooth. I used a 3 inch paint brush on her hair.  Colors are little funky because this is way too big for my scanner.  Had to take a pic of it with my Nikon.

Click for the full view.

Voices inside your head update

I spent some time sketching and painting after reading a bunch of great advice from artists on ConceptArt.org, and then goofed with a few different methods for graphically conveying the idea of someone talking inside a character's head, one with a floating head over the bubble, with the bubble only, with a bubble that's sort of fuzzy, and last, a different font. I think I like the floating head one best, but I'm going to continue exploring what's out there.

Want to see the first 25 pages of this graphic novel? 

Click the images for the full view.







Broke a new painting record

One of my own.  Fifteen characters in one scene.  Ink and watercolors on hot pressed paper.

I started with the idea of looking down the hall of St. Clement's (see Seaborn for more on this) toward the end with the entrance, and having as many characters in the scene as possible–with the governess standing at the center with a push-broom.  I also wanted some subtle action, the girls talking, nothing really dynamic, but a sense of things going on, conversations taking place, arguments, people sulking, consoling, listening.  I'm not sure that I captured all that, but that's what I was going for. 

Also–high in my mind was one of my favorite panels–two pager–in The Good Neighbors, book one of the Kin series by the incomparable Holly Black with art by the incomparable Ted Naifeh (who, among a bunch of other cool stuff, also illustrated the Subterranean Press edition of CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan's Alabaster).   Get The Good Neighbors and check out page 8 and 9 with Rue and her friends hanging at The Black Out. I love the mystery in this broad room view with faeries mixing with mortals and you know the humans can't see them.  I had to check out every person in the room, checking for pointed ears, horns, any sign that they weren't mortal.  It's just beautiful work.

You can't really see the detail without clicking to open up the larger version. 

So click it!

Click this link for the color version



Saltwater Witch update

Still working on this one, still not certain where it’s going.  I like what’s happening though.  I want it to be dark and moody.  Still a ways to go.