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Saltwater Witch Chapt 13, page 2 is up!


Sorry, I've been writing like a demon over the last two months–finishing up the first book in an all new Seaborn series, and haven't even picked up a pencil to do more than a couple quick sketches.  Here's a look at today's progress, from sketching, coloring, to the link to chapter 13.  Hope you like!

Sketch of the second panel:


Both panels with colors:



Check out all the chapters of the Saltwater Witch comic here.

Saltwater Witch Chapter 3 is Back!

Opening scene for Saltwater Witch Chapter 3. All new chapters 1 and 2 are up on the site with new art, layout, type, and other good stuff. Hope you like!

Read it all here: http://www.saltwaterwitch.com/switch

Click for the full view!


Painting on the iPad

I spent a couple hours last night sketching and painting in the iPad version of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, and I have to tell you, this is one kick ass app.  It's apps like this–along with a hundred others (look at OmniGraffle)–that make the iPad infinitely more compelling than a crappy old netbook.

Here's my first pass at the next page for Saltwater Witch–all layout, drawing and painting done entirely on my iPad in Sketchbook Pro.  And you might think this is even crazier: I don't use a stylus or pen, but my fingers. 

And once again, I'm seriously considering doing all the art and page layout on my iPad.  I tried this once on my iPhone, but it's just too small.



Where Saltwater Witch starts…

Saltwater Witch is a weekly web comic I’ve illustrated for a year and a half, and many
panels and pages begin in either my journal
or my drawing notebook, a bigger better version of my Moleskine journal
a big fan of journals–my Moleskine watercolor notebook goes everywhere I go. I couldn’t keep half the stuff in my head
without constantly referring to the other half I’ve put down in my
I love technology, love my iPhone, and I’m expecting an iPad this Saturday, but I couldn’t do a lot without a pencil, pen and a Moleskine.   

So, here’s a little bit of what I did at lunch today, sketching for the next Saltwater Witch set, and this is what it looks like:



Promo card ideas

Finished this one this morning, reworking yesterday’s painting into
something I’m going to use for Saltwater Witch promo cards at Boskone
in a couple weeks.

Which one’s your favorite? (I like “fire” at the bottom left, but I think I’m going with the upper left for the cards). 

Click for the full view (big!)



Saltwater Witch – very little subtlety

Spent the last couple hours, sketching, painting, and posting three pages for Saltwater Witch, and you know how it is. I say this almost every time I do one of these posts: today I painted my favorite… until next time.  It's the last panel in this set, Kassandra looking vengeful.

Check out all of Saltwater Witch web comic here.

But just to tease, here's my new new favorite painting–may end up making some promo cards for Boskone with this one:


Time, there’s only so much of it

Happy birthday, Saltwater Witch.

I had two very important reasons for starting—and for a year now—putting all this creative effort into my web comic Saltwater Witch, a graphic version of my novel of the same title.  One was to develop my graphic storytelling skills, and the other was to publicize and hopefully sell more copies of my book Seaborn. 

A year later, I have accomplished the first—well, you tell me.  I certainly think so.  To me, the quality difference between the first pages and the last is somewhere between staggering and light years.   

But I don’t know if I’ve moved the meter at all on the second.  I’m sure there are a few readers who liked the comic and went out to buy Seaborn—THANK YOU for that, but in general I don’t think putting 10 – 12 hours a week into drawing, painting and giving away Saltwater Witch made any noticeable difference in sales.

As fun as it is to paint and write, that’s 10 – 12 hours I’m not spending on books and short stories—or on some other graphical project. (I have a couple in mind). That’s time I’d like to spend on the normal painting I’ve always done—character and scene studies for my current writing projects.

Are you a Saltwater Witch reader?  I’d really like to hear from you, hear what you think of the story so far, anything! I know I get 25 – 50 visitors a day to the site, another hundred (according to Feedburner) subscribed to the feed, and another 30 – 40 / day on Drunk Duck web comics community, where it’s done pretty well, given a bunch of comments, been featured, breaking into the TOP 10 comics. 

I’m not planning to stop, but to slow way down, and open up some time for other projects.


Last of my vacation…

I'm back at work tomorrow. Spending my last day of vacation–which started the first day of WorldCon–drawing, painting and reading…and drawing and painting Kassandra reading–actually staring off into space in this scene, but she does have a book.  Here's a peek at a closeup of one panel from the next set for Saltwater Witch.



Where does it go?

I'd like to say that any sane person's first instinct would be to not climb up…but we all know that just wouldn't be the case. 

A couple people have asked me where the chain goes in the last set I posted for Saltwater Witch.  I've been saying, "you'll just have to wait for the next set," but…I can't wait.  Painted this one tonight, taking my story and coming up with some visuals based on ideas me and Skott tossed around at lunch:  Kassandra at the bottom, climbing up the "freakishly large chain" to what appears to be a big floating stone box.

Check out the full web comic Saltwater Witch.

Click the pic for the large view.



New set posted for Saltwater Witch!

Another three pages up!  Kassandra's still underwater, dropping deeper and deeper into the Atlantic, but she's about to hit the bottom.  I did all three of these in five to six hours, all digital from start to finish, although I did have a head start, did a bunch of sketching for these and the next set.  I'll end chapter three of Saltwater Witch with the next 3 to 4 pages (that's the next full post), then it's on to chapter 4!

Click the images for the full view–or even better, go check out everything at Saltwater Witch.