A Long Night of Single-target Hydrogen-alpha Imaging

August 30, 2022

Five hours of narrowband data right there. This is what 61 x 5-minute exposures will get you through a 3 nanometer Hydrogen-alpha filter--when you algorithmically stack them all together. NGC 7822 is a star forming region in Cepheus, including the emission nebula Cederblad 214, Sharpless 171 and the star cluster Berkeley 59. Apparently this outrageously cool nebula doesn't have a common name, which just doesn't make sense. This should totally be called the Laughing Skull Nebula—or something even better. Missed opportunity right there. Unfortunately, I don't have the authority to make these names... or do I? Okay, while we're at it, see that small squarish cloud structure near the bottom (with two dark eyes and a nose), left of that bright star, which is labeled HR 9094 by the way? That little nebula that looks like it's peeking out of a pocket, is now called the Meerkat of Eternity.