Cable Management Update

August 9, 2022

I nearly found out the hard way that the new ZWO AM5 mount is so compact that power and USB cables from the primary camera can easily loop over the altitude and azimuth adjustment knobs at the base and snag, something I never really thought about with a larger mount. This happened the other night, and I just managed to unhook them and continue imaging. 

So, a little cable management was in order for the William Optics SpaceCat 51 on the ZWO AM5. The guide camera (silver camera on top) and the filter wheel plug into USB ports on the primary camera (ZWO ASI1600MM-Pro) at the back. Another USB cable runs from the autofocus (ZWO EAF), the red box under the scope. I end up with five cables leading down to the Pegasus Astro Powerbox and the fanless Windows 10 machine running the control software (NINA). What's new in these pics is the SmallRig Switching Plate (1598) and two of the SmallRig Spring Cable Clamps (MD2418). These are designed for cable management on cinema cameras, but work just as well for our gear.