Pretty good for an 80% moon

October 3, 2023

From last night’s narrowband imaging run: IC 1396 is a bright HII region over 2000 lightyears away in Cepheus, illuminated and ionized by the very energetic multi-star system HD 206267 (that’s the brightest star in the center of the image). The massive star, top left-ish, is a red supergiant, “the Garnet Star”, μ Cephei (mu Cephei). Mu Cephei is almost 100,000 times brighter than our star, the Sun, and it's over a 1000 times larger. Imaging notes: 61 x 300-second exposures stacked in PixInsight, camera: ZWO ASI2600MM-Pro cooled to -10C, Antlia 3nm Hydrogen-alpha filter. Even with an 80% waning moon, last night turned out well.